Thalgo Pamper arrangement Indocéane

This arrangement is the cream of the crop! You will feel reborn afterwards. This arrangement guarantee total relaxation and will refresh and vitalize your skin.

The mystic and delicate scents and colours of the East will gradually mix with the riches of the ocean. The enchanting journey around the world will cross seas, oceans and cultures.

This ritual consists of four elements.

  • Indocéane Welcome. Explanation and introduction to the scents and textures of this ritual.
  • Purifying body scrub from the Mediterranean, you skin will become as soft as satin. Sweet Mediterranean oil-based body scrub with sea salt and brown sugar. Mandarin, grapefruit and camomile scents.
  • Deep Indian tissue massage, removes undesired tensions from body and mind. With vitalizing balm to loosen up energy blockades. We use essential oils with soothing ingredients like cedar, sandalwood and patchouli.
  • Chinese body wrap. A silky, creamy body wrap with the refined scents of iris and jasmines over a base of sandalwood and white muscat.
Thalgo Pamper arrangement Indocéane
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