Thalgo Spa beauty products

These unique beauty- and wellness products guarantee natural beauty and a pleasant feeling. Sea water and marine algaes are Treasures from the Sea. They have been used to nourish the skin and relax the body for ages.


Thalgo, the natural French spa brand on a scientific basis, contains all valuable ingredients from the sea. The pure formulas have been successful for over 50 years. The products don’t contain parabens and mineral oils and have an extraordinary skin tolerance. Thalgo combines the best of two worlds (spa and beauty).

Arovite treatments and arrangements

We use Thalgo beauty- and wellness products for our treatments and arrangements. These products are unique and extremely suitable to nourish the skin, avoid aging skin and restore moisture. Rich, active ingredients like vitamins, amino acids and proteins will bring both skin and mind in top condition.

Informal product advice

We will be more than willing to give you advice on products you can use at home to maintain a beautiful skin and relax your body.